Deep Roots Fertilizer for Organic Use

GROGANIX Hydration 7-0-5 Gen II Deep Roots Fertilizer (N-K-Ca-S) is OMRI Listed for organic use.

Deep Roots Fertilizer for Organic Use

GROGANIX is OMRI Listed for organic use and is available in two premier mixes. The 4-4-4 (N-P-K-Ca-S) is a Yard Starter, while the 7-0-5 (N-K-Ca-S) is for Deep Roots. The organic soil amendment improves poor quality soils (turf, garden, flower beds, food plots). GROGANIX is filler-free with Black Gypsum (10% humic acid) replacing hard to break down limestone fillers found in most synthetic fertilizers. It disperses evenly and provides immediate and readily available nutrients to the root system. Not only does it promote root development and energy production, it provides consistent greening and growth and helps neutralize pet urine spots. GROGANIX contains no human or poultry waste and is safe for your family and pets. The 7-0-5Ā  maintenance fertilizer is also waterway safe.

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