Irregular Steps

Designed with the natural influence of natural edges and varying appearance with a vivid texture that seamlessly merges with the surrounding landscape.

Irregular Steps

Our Irregular Steps are a remarkably simple way to address grade changes for your raised patio or garden walkway. Each step gives the structural stability of a concrete slab while varied textures perfectly mimic the appearance of natural stone steps. Ever versatile, Irregular Steps are available in two different size options.

Size Option 1: 3.5′-5′ Wide (random assortment of pieces within the given size range) x 18-24″ Depth x 7″ or 5.5″ Rise

Size Option 2: 6′ Wide x 30″ Depth x 7″ Rise

  • Fond Du Lac
  • Slate Gray
  • Superior Buff
  • Limestone (Special Order)

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