Patios might be the most practical landscape structure, but that by no means does practical mean boring. Embellish a bit and make that space another key component in turning your backyard into an all around immersive experience. The example settings below show some of the awesome ways homeowners have used our products to take their patio to the next level.


Is there anything more refreshing than taking a plunge in your pool on a hot summer’s day? Anyone? Didn’t think so. Pools are the perfect warm weather pastime for families and friends, and we’ve got some awesome installations here that have combined a perfect pool setting with some of our slabs, steps and pavers, to make the ultimate summer paradise.


The cornerstone of any yard, fire features create a natural gathering point for your family and friends. Whether you’re looking to roast marshmallows on a warm July evening, or get cozy as summer nights come to a close, a fire is so much more than an accent piece. Take a look at a few different settings that could help spark your creativity.


Let’s take a walk, dare we say a walk to remember? They say the journey can be more important than the destination and in this case, we agree. Use some steppers as your guide or a combination of slabs to get you to the places you most want to go. Here we have a range of examples from waterfronts to entryways.