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The groundbreaking Outcropping system is the largest decorative retaining wall block in the world. Twelve large, seemingly random pieces all work together to create a wall solution that looks perfectly natural, while still providing the structural stability of an engineered wall. Bold in scale and beautifully rustic with weathered limestone texture and consistent dimensions for rugged strength, and faster installation.

Irregular Steps

Our Irregular Steps are a remarkably simple way to address grade changes for your raised patio or garden walkway. Each step gives the structural stability of a concrete slab while varied textures perfectly mimic the appearance of natural stone steps. Ever versatile, Irregular Steps are available in two different size options.

Size Option 1: 3.5′-5′ Wide (random assortment of pieces within the given size range) x 18-24″ Depth x 7″ or 5.5″ Rise

Size Option 2: 6′ Wide x 30″ Depth x 7″ Rise