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Dimensional Coping

For a complete retaining wall design, Rosetta Dimensional Coping boasts a chiseled edge and natural stone texture. Dimensional Coping works well with every High Format retaining wall, and can be used for freestanding walls, seat walls, or retaining walls.


Modern lines married to classic styling with snapped limestone textures stretched to great lengths for retaining walls that make a statement. Every side is textured, which means that Kodah can be used in both retaining wall and freestanding garden wall applications, creating an attractive outdoor space for either purpose.

Dimensional Flagstone

Show off your excellent taste in outdoor design with Dimensional Flagstone for your patio or front walkway. The subtle textures and varied sizes of these modern rectangular slabs are designed to resemble the timeless look of cut slate, for a remarkably elegant patio or walkway.

Claremont Wall

Claremont retaining walls are best known for their distinctive chiseled texture and elegant linear dimensions. Snapped limestone appearance ensures timeless style for landscape columns, garden retaining walls, or freestanding seat walls.

Column Caps

Column caps are available in a variety of square sizes to coordinate with HIGH FORMAT wall products. Like HIGH FORMAT retaining walls, individual caps are textured to look like natural stone and available in multiple colors.