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Belvedere Fire Pit Kit

Turning your unadorned backyard into an outdoor living space is often as simple as installing a fire pit. For a cozy bright spot in your rustic patio design, choose the Belvedere fire pit kit. Made from durable wetcast concrete, blocks are textured to replicate weathered fieldstone. Available as a kit, for traditional wood-burning fires or with gas insert.


Modern lines married to classic styling with snapped limestone textures stretched to great lengths for retaining walls that make a statement. Every side is textured, which means that Kodah can be used in both retaining wall and freestanding garden wall applications, creating an attractive outdoor space for either purpose.

Irregular Steps

Our Irregular Steps are a remarkably simple way to address grade changes for your raised patio or garden walkway. Each step gives the structural stability of a concrete slab while varied textures perfectly mimic the appearance of natural stone steps. Ever versatile, Irregular Steps are available in two different size options.

Size Option 1: 3.5′-5′ Wide (random assortment of pieces within the given size range) x 18-24″ Depth x 7″ or 5.5″ Rise

Size Option 2: 6′ Wide x 30″ Depth x 7″ Rise

Grand Flagstone

With a classic natural stone texture, the rough and random shapes of Grand Flagstone slabs are the natural choice for your patio reinvention, walkway, or garden. Each piece is made with durable, color blended concrete for a stylish and lasting landscape installation.