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Dimensional Steps

Dimensional Steps work exceptionally well to create sturdy exterior stone stairs, change grades for a raised patio, or as a structural addition to any retaining wall or patio project. Steps are textured in order to look exactly like natural stone, and made of incredibly durable, high-quality wetcast concrete. Dimensional steps are available in a variety of sizes for use in a diverse array of designs.

Size Options:
3′ Wide x 18″ Depth x 7″ Rise
4′ Wide x 18″ Depth x 7″ Rise
4′ Wide x 24″ Depth x 7″ Rise
New For 2021: 5′ Wide x 24″ Depth x 7″ Rise
6′ Wide x 30″ Depth x 7″ Rise


Modern lines married to classic styling with snapped limestone textures stretched to great lengths for retaining walls that make a statement. Every side is textured, which means that Kodah can be used in both retaining wall and freestanding garden wall applications, creating an attractive outdoor space for either purpose.